As Charles was healing from his fall, the long time Country Director, Joseph Curtain resigned effective immediately. A new CD has been appointed and here is his bio from the Peace Corps website. He arrives next week.

Kyrgyz Republic – Alex Boston
Alex Boston joins the Peace Corps after a career in foreign service and local government. Boston served as a Foreign Service Officer in Peshawar, Pakistan and San Salvador, El Salvador. In Pakistan, Boston was responsible for the administration and security of the American consulate, as well as for reporting on Pakistani issues. In El Salvador, he served as a Consular Officer. Boston also served as Executive Director of the South Africa BookSmart Foundation, where he created programs to enable American students to donate books to South African schools. Most recently, Boston was a Fellow with the Andrus Family Fund where he researched and designed materials that eased the transition into adulthood for foster care youth, and he worked as the Director of the Office of Homeless Services for the City of Baltimore. Boston received his bachelor’s degree in political science from Yale University, his master’s degree in public affairs from Princeton University, and his law degree from Harvard Law School.

Snow has been falling with greater regularity in Kyrgyzstan than it has in the Twin Cities. In fact, Charles thinks that Bishkek looks like Twin Cities ought to look currently.

The Mid-Service Training was held at a hotel in Issyk-Kul that Charles thinks was the best yet. While he thought the training portion was pretty light weight, after all what more can be taught after 16 months in-country, the trip was good. A little new knowledge was gained in the culture, history and religion fields.

In his job, Charles continues to contact various Western universities in an attempt to set up exchange programs and sponsors for grant money. He has turned from writing the grants himself to having the sponsoring universities do it as they are the ones who will hold the money. Charles also continues to lecture the faculty (and students) on various aspects of the Western higher education model. The older faculty are very stagnant and would prefer that their direction still came from Moscow, the younger faculty are much more enthused about the new directions that they can take.

Charles’ PCV friend, Alicia, has left the Peace Corps. This takes the K-11s down to 48 still on the job. If you read other PCV blogs where the PCVs are in villages, there are attitudes that are mirrored in the older faculty that Charles is dealing with. Sometimes these attitudes can be dealt with, sometimes they can’t.

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