Charles has started his new position with Arabyaev University and is quite positive that he is making a good impression with all of his hard work. And it is very hard work transforming a Soviet style university into something recognizable to the Western educated. He comes home exhausted at the end of the day but it is a good type of exhaustion as he feels that he has found a good place to work and make a difference. He is starting with editing grant applications for various faculty and helping them understand all that is involved in changing the university from the old model to the new based on the Bologna Accord.

Charles believes that he has moved for the last time. About a week after starting at Arabyaev, PC had him look at a couple of apartments that met their requirements; one of them was far too far away from his position, the other was right behind PC headquarters. Guess which one he took. As he now has the most convenient pad to crash at, Charlie's B&B in Bishkek is now open. Charles has had guests more often than not. These guests range from Kyrgyzstan PCVs in town for various reasons to their guests to other PCVs traveling through the area. Charles had a couple of PCVs from Turkmenistan last week; after listening to their stories he is very glad for his position in Kyrgyzstan. The trolley line runs reasonably close to both his apartment and the university making for a decent commute.

Osh bazaar is Charles' new place to shop for necessities; so far this has included large quantities of raspberries as that is what is fresh right now. Something that does not exist in any of the markets is ice cube trays and with the heat...think what you see for Afghanistan or Iran on the international weathercast. Of course the other idea of proper drink temperature would dominate in this part of the world; iced drinks is an American idea that refuses to take hold.

The celebration of the Fourth of July will be held on the Sixth of July at the Deputy Chief of Mission's home. Hotdogs, hamburgers and Dixieland music will feature. Imagine a little slice of America transplanted for a couple of hours to the Other Side of The World.

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